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“The Word”

“ Usually we surrender only in extreme situations, but if we are to evolve and awaken, we have to learn to let go of our compulsive need to control everything. We must learn to trust ourselves and God, relax and allow life to come to us. Every day provides us with opportunity to choose trust and surrender over fear and control, and to break the generational patterns and beliefs that were projected onto us. Control creates suffering for all parts of the self, including the body. It becomes acidic and prone to illness. The constant state of anxiety creates toxins that foster a chemical imbalance within the body. Compulsive control is the hollow shell of a habitual mechanism, an illusion that serves no purpose as it does not actually keep us safe. It blocks our authenticity and freedom and keeps us bound to habitually living in fear. While we are operating from control, we can neither truly give nor can we receive because we are blocking the flow of life through us and to us. When we surrender and live in a state of trust, everything softens and the body can regain its health, the mind can find balance, the heart feel joy and the spirit express it’s true divine nature. Every day that we surrender as much as we can we are building a new foundation for a personal freedom.”

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