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“The Word”

“As you continue to move through corridors of awareness, it is always so essential to be as patient and loving with yourself as possible. As awareness expands, it amplifies your experiences on either side of the emotional scale. This means the moments that feel moving to your heart may trigger an overwhelm of inspiration. Equally-so, the disturbing images and deeper truths being revealed may be affecting you even deeper than ever before. Whether you are experiencing growth or more agitation for the things in view, one of the most powerful tools to help you is your willingness to feel. When you feel your way through your experiences versus attempting to overanalyze or predict your way from one moment to the next, you are allowing your body to be the emotional processing center of your energy field; converting stagnant emotions into higher consciousness. During these rather intense times, it is never wrong to feel your emotions. For truly the only way out is to go within. To feel is to heal.”

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