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“The Word”

“We all want to know our true power and make clear decisions. And I believe that when we’re choosing from our hearts, the power center of love, we make much better compassionate, generous, inclusive choices. Choices of our deep sensitivities, of our gifts and each other and of the Earth. When we tune into how we feel, figuring out what’s really going on in that moment and what we really want to happen from there~that’s mindfulness. That’s heartfullness and from this space we feel more connected to God. In this presence of moment to moment clarity is where you find your true strength. The more you can access this kind of power today, the sweeter your tomorrow will be. For your today influences your tomorrow. A prayer, placing your left hand over your heart and your right hand over your left: “I bring honor to my radiant heart. I bring courage to my deep questions. I bring respect to my true nature. And I bring compassion to the collective. May Spirit energize every step I take toward love, toward truth, toward joy. Thank you for the gifts of this unfolding wisdom and beauty. So be it and so it is.” 

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