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“The Word”

“The short-comings that seem impossible to shift truly play a much bigger role in your journey. All too often, you may attempt to facilitate change from a space of judgment, suggesting to yourself how unlovable or unworthy you are for as long as the flaws remain. The Universe only permits change from a perspective of self-acceptance. In the beginning, your efforts to change hard-wired habitual tendencies will render you exhausted, confused and defeated. Through the silent guidance of Universal will, you are being asked to accept both your strengths along with each limiting pattern to prove there is no form or circumstance where the Divine isn’t fully present. As you dare to accept such patterns as sacred instead of a personal debt to pay off, you are able to deepen your capacity of greater self-love and acceptance. From this space, the moment you let go of trying to make anything other than it is, while celebrating the existence of Light in all forms, the Universe honors your ever-deepening faith in an all-loving Spirit by sweeping away any limitations, doubts or fears.”

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