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“The Word”

“What else is there to do when your heart and soul feels crushed but to make room for more grace to enter your life. Emotional pain, if fully felt and experienced becomes a wellspring of new life for all beings. To have the ability to turn pain into goodness to me is spiritual evolution. To explore my own deep inner territory has brought me some of the greatest rewards and wisdom I could possibly have asked for. How could so much light be within the darkness? Because darkness is light waiting to be liberated. Once you face the things your hiding from, you are freed by them just by allowing it to move through you no matter how intense or deep it feels. Heart awakening brings you to a place where you no longer defend against your experiences but welcome them into your deepest core. Anyone who is really doing the work when no one is looking, just know you are greatly respected, honored, loved and appreciated for what you do and who you truly are. With grace, I am in awe of you!”

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