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“The Word”

I may have been on a spiritual path as an individual trying to better myself (beginning stage of awakening), yet somewhere along the way a shift happens of “I thought I was an individual on a path of self improvement and now I realize I’m actually the very Light I’ve been seeking”. Everything that I thought was mine individually is actually about helping transform the collective. Right now on the planet because of the quarantine, we have a collective “dark night of the soul” where we’re all on a somewhat global meditation. We now have been given the opportunity (somewhat forcibly) of learning to be totally still at the same time of being bombarded by information by the media. All of this is designed to tune us into ourselves (going within). The world is now going from a point of “doing” to “being”. But for those of us who have been on this journey for a while as anchors of Light and holding space for others, are going from an individual idea of bettering ourselves to using what we’ve learned in our process to helping heal the planet. Because everything that I thought I was working on in me was actually my contribution to the planet as an awakening evolving Light worker. Right now, this is an opportunity for you to strengthen some things that need refinement because this is Life saying “we need you to step into your greatness” for all of us are now being called in for Spiritual duty. We ARE the first responders!

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