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“The Word”

“My life changed the moment I decided that the pain from pushing aside my voice outweighed my fear of not being liked by others. So I allowed my story to exist outside of my chest. Falling down, then rising back up to continue sharing my story has taught me how to stop being so scared of myself. I believe that when we allow our stories to exist, we invite others to see themselves more clearly in our shared truth~ where pain, heartache, struggle, hope and happiness are no longer unique to just one person. They’re in everyone, proving that we’re not alone. Sharing, letting people see the deepest parts of us, invites real connection to exist. This is also where we invite love, belonging and our healing to be in existence, too. And we heal. And when we heal, the world heals with us. Everyone benefits when we carve out the courage to keep moving. It’s all an invitation. To keep sharing. Keep connecting. Keep making. Keep moving. Keep growing.”

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