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“The Word”

“We have often heard it said that ‘when the pain of remaining the same becomes greater than the pain of changing, we will change’. Our fear can keep us from growing or attempting anything out of the ordinary. We stay in situations that are no longer working because what is familiar feels safer than the unknown. Any change involves overcoming fear. ‘What if I find out I’m incompetent?’, we may wonder when we contemplate changing careers. We may resist attending new meetings because we will have to reach out. Our minds manufacture a hundred excuses for remaining right where we are, afraid to try something new. We find that most of our pain comes not from change but from resistance to change. In our fellowship, we learn that change is how we move forward in our lives. New friends, new relationships, new interests and challenges will replace the old. With these new things in our lives, we find new lives,joys and loves~a new way of living.”

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