Words Of Inspiration

“The Word”

“I don’t think that I can try to attain the awakening of my soul in any other way than by choosing to put myself in the presence of a God of my own under standing (I AM): to practice the presence of God. All I need to do is put myself in a place where God can communicate with me. I set aside several times a day to ‘check-in’ with God. I rarely hear anything, instead I sense directions or guidance. If my direction is God’s will for my life, the going will be easy. If I am trying to force something to happen, I will become stressed about it. The difficulty is in getting out of God’s way. If I think that I k now exactly the direction of God’s guidance, I have learned that it is probably my ego answering. I try to not do anything to force the outcome, and if I don’t receive some kind of guidance, I realize that the answer may not be no but rather maybe later. Instead, I do the footwork and leave the outcome to God.” XO

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