Words Of Inspiration

“The Word”

“I hear so many people trying to re-frame or put a positive spin on people’s suffering, when what people need is for someone to actually hear their experience deeply. To get in close, really listen and hold the space for their memories with total presence. Not to ‘turn around’ their story, but to turn toward it. Listening goes a lot farther than telling people that their story is not true or that it all happened for a growthful reason (which may or may not be true). We won’t heal the planet that way. We won’t get rid of victimization by pretending that there are no victims. It’s time to really listen to each other. Everyone has a story that longs to be heard. When we honor the story and our true path we come face-to-face with who we really are, for the universe presents us with endless opportunities to synchronize our path with our truth.” XO

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