Words Of Inspiration

“The Word”

“Whatever you choose to call your higher power; God, (or insert name here), can not be contained but is made up in one sense, by the attitude of willingness =meaning God willingly allows us to make a mess of things =if that’s what we choose to do. And whether we like to admit it or not, we choose to do that a lot. It’s not that we mean to make a mess. It’s just that we tend to get our wires all crossed up and don’t see that in fact, we’re the ones doing this. We can’t skip steps. When we peel all the layers, and our body & mind no longer run us, then we can live from our true essence. If we’ve got some crossed-up wires, we’re going to first need to see what’s going on, then start making different choices. This chance to make new choices is what God gave us. Hopefully, we catch wind of the reality that this is how God shows up in every single moment of every day, and that’s when we’ll find God. That’s when we’ll start making something better of ourselves other than yet, another mess.” XO

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