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“The Word”

“I don’t believe I was born disliking myself. I don’t actually recall having thoughts of whether I should love or dislike who I was when I was little. I was connected. I loved to love and care for those around me. I was feisty and confident, and I had a sense of humor. I didn’t worry about clothes or brands or looks. I loved to laugh, test boundaries and I was creative. It felt like the natural thing to do, to interpret life without boundaries through my small, growing heart-just like all children do. Then life happened. And now I’m learning to love and accept who I am all over again, and becoming comfortable with taking risks. The spell that suffering casted upon my heart must now be at acknowledged and handled with care, knowing that I am and have exactly what it takes to get myself to the other side. For I am worthy. Today I welcome myself home to the real, loving, messy and imperfectly perfect me.” XO

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