“The Word”

“I will never tell anyone what to do, but I will always remind people that they already know. What one can do if they’re lost and confused is to find 10 minutes a day. If you have 10 minutes, you have all the spirituality you need to know and what to do. You can sit quietly and practice listening to the still, small voice inside you that will tell you what to do and then trust it. Start by taking some of the pressure off. If you want to practice the knowing, you can sit quietly, and if what comes up in that 10 minutes is that terrifying then give yourself permission to do nothing about it for a while. But don’t pretend you don’t know it. You owe yourself at least that: not to abandon truth and not to abandon yourself. That’s the first step: Tell yourself you don’t have to do anything about it now, but don’t pretend it’s not true.” XO

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