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“How long have you held yourself prisoner? How may times have you played it on repeat, singing along with the heartbreak of living inside the consequence of a past action? And how often have you heard, ‘just let it go’, or ‘get over it’? If it were this easy, more people would not be incarcerated by regret. Life is not in the business of handing out a never-ending sentence of self-loathing. Life has a greater plan which asks you to recall =had you a better, clearer option available at the time, you would have reached for it with ease. Now…life invites you to evolve. To examine the situation. To take a close look at what the ‘it’ is, then learn and grow from what you call a mistake. As painful as it feels, growth is essential for anyone to advance. And mistakes are part of the process. So, take it all in, then try once again. Walk through the door =forgive yourself, and yes, finally ‘let it go’.” XO

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