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“It has been my experience that the one that families call the ‘crazy one’ is often the sane one. In these families, members often repress their authentic feelings and turn against anyone who reminds them of their unresolved issues and patterns. As a result, the truth-speakers, the ones who refuse to contain their feelings are often made to feel crazy by those who lack the courage and insight to see beyond the madness. If you have been labeled the ‘crazy one’, take heart. Most great shifters were met with fiery resistance by those afraid to grow. Whatever you do, do not allow your voice to fade away. Your ways of being live at the heart of your unique journey. No one has the right to bury them under a bushel of shame. And remember =what is crazy to an unconscious person is often brilliantly sane to one who is awakening. Without you, we are lost. Blessed be the ‘crazy’ ones.” XO

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