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“Vulnerable hurts in more ways than one. I’m finding the more I open myself up, the more it hurts. And the pain is, well…painful. I can recall being so fearful of my fears that I froze and shut down. I ran away and found something new, which I’ve learned is a pattern of mine. It keeps me from facing, ME. I’m learning to cope with that. I’ve buried so many burdens away. Sometimes they visit me to keep me safe, reminding me of the pain I’ve swept away…that time before when I tried and failed, that opportunity I gave away in hopes of something in return. The struggle with being me is accepting that ‘I can’, when parts of me say ‘I can’t’. In learning to be vulnerable this pain I feel is heavy and keeps me apathetic. I honor that now, here with you. I breathe deep and accept this pain of being me. It’s not easy. It’s life and, well…life is beautiful.” XO

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