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“The Word”

“There is a sweetness in the ache if we allow it to guide us, a way in which it lets us know whether or not we are walking in alignment with our soul. Sometimes it is an ache of passion, a fire that runs through the limbs and takes our breath away, a ‘yes’ that awakens. At other times it is softer and holds an edge of sadness, and in that moment we hold the wounds~ours, others’, those of the world~tenderly. And healing happens. And then, there are the times when we abandon the ache and are lost. But sooner or later that ache will find us again, will bring us home to the wisdom of our heart’s longing. It’s where we meet, where we touch the earth and each other as sacred, where we know how to live this day, this moment fully. Your greatness lives in the pieces of you that break open and transform on a journey that gets you there. For the more anger towards the past you carry in your heart, the less capable you are of loving in the present.” XO

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