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“The Word”

“I used to white knuckle it, hanging on to things that didn’t serve me, things I wasn’t sure how to let go of. Letting go can be scary and vulnerable. It opens up a fresh space for something new. Because I held on too tight, I came to a place where my body physically wouldn’t allow me to hold on any longer. In a way, this became my free-don, serving as a guiding light, only shining its warmth on what’s real and of core value for me. In places where I felt as if I was truly choosing myself, the universe tested me by handing me a set- back or demanding eye contact with the question, ‘are you sure?’ ‘Well, what about now?’ That’s how our evolution unfolds, right? We will continue to attract experiences into our life until we learn what it is we need to know to help us continue to grow. My ‘no’ continues to strengthen the voice of my backbone. My grasp is becoming softer and softer. My circle is becoming smaller, yet stronger than ever. My heart? Well, it’s demanding what’s only and ever real and authentic.” XO

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