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“The Word”

“What has happened has already happened. There is no going back. Although you can’t travel in reverse to pinpoint the exact beginning and do it all differently, you are neither bound to walk the same road. And you don’t have to exhaust yourself in the efforts of making a painful comeback. You don’t need to search frantically for just the right setting to emerge anew. For there is an opening that separates you from ~what was~ and ~what will be~. It is an offering given to you by each present moment called Now. Now is when and where the inception of your authentic awakening can begin. Now is where your confused and frightened self can rise to walk with measured strides. Now is when you can take a step up higher in your thinking as you’re opening to seeing your surroundings with a much clearer and deepening lens. You can do better now. Because now is the beginning of your transformation, where all the truthful places in you shine brighter than ever before and continue to expand within you even more. Starting right now. Now.” XO

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