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“The Word”

“Life keeps giving back to you all the stuff you halfheartedly put down somewhere, thinking you let it go. The universe has a way of reminding us when our inner junk drawers are full. Perhaps we can sink into this for a bit, let it be felt deeper down, until it really sucks and we are really honest with ourselves. Allow the process to inform you, let it be honest yet loving. There is tremendous truth to the wise phrase that ‘nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know.’ May we find our strength and clean out some of our collected and hidden stuff. Sometimes we hold on to people, things, ideas that we no longer feel connected to. Fear makes us cling to stuff, and hanging on feels preferable to being empty handed, or empty-hearted. Yet the universe meets us when we put down the heaviness and spirit shows up, loves to join in the empty places. I hope you find peace as you free yourself today.” XO

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