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“The Word”

“I am who I am. I love how I love. My heart is not pure but it’s honest and true. My soul aches because it has known loss but it still believes. I get angry and hurt when wronged by another but I still forgive. I try to see the best in people even after they have shown me their worst. No matter how much I want to take away the pain of others, I know I can’t but I will walk with them. My trust is as fragile as a butterfly’s wing so I don’t give it freely. I am loyal to those who are loyal to me. I give all that I am to those who deserve it, not so much to those who don’t. I am guided by Spirit, not the voices of others who may not have woken up to their own divine nature. If they don’t know it is within them, how could they see it in me? Don’t let others blind you to who you truly are.” XO

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