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“Go at your own pace…I repeated this lesson over and over again. I crashed and burned a ton of times before I finally said enough is enough. I have to go at my own pace. I know I can keep trying to go at the pace of others. I know that eventually that will send me backwards. I have come to the conclusion that the only way to keep moving forward is to go at your own pace. I used to say ‘I can get well but I can’t maintain it’ Because I’d get well, and go straight back to trying to keep up pace! Now I am getting well and maintaining it at my own pace. The battle wasn’t with life, or my friends, or family, or doctors or understanding or awareness. The battle was with myself. And I got beaten every time when I tried to go at any pace other than my own. I conquered, when I decided that I had knocked myself down enough. I go at my own pace now and always will.” XO

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