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“Rock bottom has such gloomy connotations and is unfairly judged as failure but ‘rock bottom’ can be a powerful right of passage to another level of awareness and a new life. Rock bottom is not a place of failure but is place to establish a strong foundation for a new, more authentic path. On a soul level, it’s purpose is to wake you up, make you aware of your true priorities and values, bring forth your creativity, efficiency & ingenuity and enable you to be more grateful and appreciative. ‘Rock bottom’ humbles you and develops your empathy, it can change your whole perspective about yourself and your life. If you are at a ‘rock bottom’ point, don’t make the mistake of thinking that every- thing is hopeless, because this couldn’t be further from the truth. There is only one way you can go from ‘rock bottom’ and that’s up and out. Hang on while you are there and call forth your faith. It may not be apparent, but you are surrounded by loving support.” XO

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