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“The Word”

“I am not my unsettled thoughts, I am a divine being of light and love. I know that If I focus on the highest in me, the highest will flourish. I let go of the idea that I need to be fixed or that I am broken or unworthy because I am not. I choose thoughts that create acceptance, thoughts that are free of judgment towards myself and others. I choose to see with understanding eyes that instill forgiveness towards myself and others and enable me to feel peaceful and happy with myself as I am. I embrace beauty and magnificence in this moment for the past is gone and right now as with each new moment, I am born anew. I am not the person that I was yesterday, nor am I yesterday’s outlook. All is in my perception. I claim my life as it is. Today I am taking each step as it arrives with clear, allowing and willing feet….for this I am grateful.” XO

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