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“The Word”

“I know so many (me included) who fall in and out of consciousness and feel the claws of insanity judging them. You owe yourself full respect, love and acknowledgment. You don’t owe anyone your stories, your trials and tribulations, or apologies with excuses for being you. Be quirky. Be whimsical. Be outrageous. Be freaking full of love. You will never make every single person happy. That’s pretty improbable. But, you can make yourself joyful by being you. Seek out those who expand your heart spaces, question your assumptions, and make you laugh at yourself. When you finally embrace all your qualities, greatness, and magnificence, flaws and all~you will be in a place of tremendous freedom. Being real, not perfect is your gift to life from life, and this is what you have come here to do.”

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