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“The Word”

“Sometimes people are not in your sphere because they are learning their lessons, and their lessons are simply different from yours. We meet people on our paths~we interact, we dance, we love, we agitate, we fall apart, we miss each other, we don’t miss each other~and all of these interactions occur within a cosmic structure designed to support our individual and collective growth as souls. Sometimes we separate from people because as we grow, we are always experiencing life itself in contrasting ways. Sometimes we come together with certain people to learn lessons together, and sometimes we have to separate because we’re learning something else simultaneously. When we sync back out again, when it’s time to reconnect, we will. Honor what you are learning, and where you are right here, right now. Be humble in your self-reflection and personal growth. Be willing to take a long hard look at where you’ve been and where you’re going, and commit to walking up the mountain in whatever way the path is unfolding. Sometimes we are on the mountain together, and other times we part so we can climb up a section of it alone. Learn to trust the process.” 

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