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“The Word”

Powerlessness is a forgetting of our relationship with Soul and Source. It takes two forms, both equally important to generate creation. Powerlessness thinking manifests as surrender. We relinquish our power when we give it over to the universe. Allowing that which is outside our true divine self to shape our destiny is a spiritual bypass. This is powerlessness disguised as spiritual love and acceptance. Call all your power back from the external world into your true being. Our inner world is our one true source of power. Right now there’s a whole load of powerlessness in our world. It shows up as the false illusion that by creating a fuss and trying to manipulate the outer world we’ll get the changes we want, in order to be more powerful. It’s generating much protest, fighting and anger. But although these actions bring the situation to the attention of the collective they won’t cultivate change because they were created by the limited structure of self. In order to bring about change, awareness must come back within, not be projected outward.”

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