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“The Word”

“The time comes on the spiritual journey when you know with absolute conviction that it is time to make changes. There are many other moments like this when we feel the push to change. But in spite of the whispers there’s really just one vital point when you KNOW that you MUST move forward, and you cannot go back. At that moment the ego suddenly becomes aware that to stay as you are would be a high price to pay. Within this, a deep fear of breaking free begins to rise, and you realize just how scared you are. At this moment, deeper awareness is stirring. But it is not yet brought forward fully enough to break free with clarity, and without fear. It takes a leap of faith to take that step into the unknown of freedom. For some the fear overcomes the need to change and we spiral back into the limitation that’s been holding us. But for others the cost of remaining where they are is simply too high and they step forward to embark on a journey of transformation and breaking free.”  

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