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“The Word”

“Maybe right now your journey isn’t about answers. Not all chapters can answer questions~some of them are there only to create questions that other chapters will answer. Having whole portions of our lives that end in the middle of sentences isn’t something anyone can get used to. Let alone enjoy. But that doesn’t make those chapters any less important. Any less necessary. ⁣⁣The hard times (in whatever form they come) are the most important building blocks we have. We may not want them. None of us are ready for them when they blind-side us. But these chapters being handed to us are the building blocks that will later build us the life we’ve always longed for. Waited for. Worked for. And so maybe that’s what it’s really all about. The growth that comes from those times it feels like everything is falling apart. ⁣Wait for the peace in the pieces. Because there will be peace. Maybe not in this chapter~but it’s there. So just keep writing your story until you find it. Or until it finds you. Whichever comes first.”

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