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“The Word”

“Each day, we have a choice to either be of service for the collective planet or not. Are you healing or are you repressing? Most of the time what holds us back from living our highest good is in the facing of our own pain and fear. When we refuse to deal with our pain, we are working against the benefit of the collective. Holding yourself back is holding back the highest benefit of the planet and I’ve been there. I held myself back because I was scared to face myself and heal; my identity with pain was all I knew. So I get why you may be afraid to go through this healing process. It takes us away from what we’re familiar with, and that’s scary. Yet being of service for the collective is not just about what you can do for others, it’s also about what you can do for yourself and how you are going through the healing BEFORE it becomes doing for others. If you aren’t doing what is best for you first, how can you expect to be of service for the planet and in the best way possible?”  

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