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Purpose Angel encourages our friends to help others by writing some of your words of inspiration. Share with us your stories of how you have been inspired, what means you have taken,  meditation video's, mastermind classes or books you have read that has helped you get to or closer your divine purpose. 



The Point Of Power Is Always In The Present Moment

All the events you have experienced in your lifetime up to this moment had been created by the thoughts and beliefs you have held in the past. It's they were created by the thoughts and words used yesterday, last week, last month, last year. However, that is your past. It is over and done with. What ever is important in this moment is what you are choosing to think and believe and say right now. For these thoughts and words will create your future. Your point of power is in the present moment is forming the experience of tomorrow, next day, next month, next year, and so on. My notice what thought you are thinking at this moment. is it negative or positive? Do you want this thought to be in your future? Just notice and be aware. It's

Louise Hay-You Can Heal Your Life

Angel Ariel

The precious drops of blood that falls within our bodies are akin to the spiritual waters of the universe. We are all one; oceans, rivers, blood within our veins. We all have a path to follow and the moon's gentle pull, the sun's nourishing warmth know every drop of life is as equal. The torrential intent of the river's path, the high a tides of the ocean's current so, the heartbeats of blood through our bodies; all eternally flow in the eyes of the  universe. 

Ruth Crystal-Angel Talk

Awareness Is The First Step In Healing Or Changing

When we have some pattern buried deeply within us, we must become aware of it in order to heal the condition. Perhaps we begin to mention the condition, to complain about it, or to see it in other people. It rises to the surface of our attention in some way, and we begin to relate to it. We often attract a teacher, a friend, a  a class or a workshop, or a book to  ourselves that begins to awaken new ways to approach the dissolving of the problem. "I am in the rhythm and flow of ever-changing life."

Louise L. Hay- You Can Heal Your Life


Star Talk

The next time a star shines through your window, and catches your attention, notice the blazing intent of its shine. Rays of illuminating light sparkling with only one objective; for total attention of the love object: you. No it is an accompaniment  to the all-knowing, the universe blessed love for ever flaming within you. Just as the stars shine upon you, you in turn, shine upon the start. Remember this the next time a star shines through your window. A star that shines within your soul is as bright as the stars of the universe. You are one of them!

Ruth Crystal-Angel Talk

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