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“The Word”

“Don’t give it 5 minutes if you can’t give it 5 years. The summary is, don’t waste time worrying about things, or fighting things, that aren’t going to even count as a blip on your radar down the road. We get SO wrapped up in being right, in having everything the way we want it. And it affects our lives daily. We get stressed and we don’t sleep. We get pits in our stomach and tight shoulders and go to bed with a head full of worries. I’m not denying that things get hard. I’m not denying that you’re going to get frustrated and angry and need to fight some of these battles that are going to come at you. All I’m saying is don’t let them make a home in your heart. Don’t label them regrets or mistakes or the broken parts of you. That gives them way too much power. And I am going to challenge myself, and I challenge you my darling~to literally ASK yourself this question when you’re in those times. Will this matter in five years? Hell, even in a year? If the answer is yes, then fight like hell. If the answer is no? Let it be, love. Or let it go.

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