Words Of Inspiration

“The Word”

“I don’t think that we can try to attain the awakening of our soul in any other way than by choosing to put ourselves in the presence of a God of our understanding. The difficulty is in getting out of God’s way. If I think that I know exactly the direction of God’s guidance, I have learned that it is probably my ego answering me. Another way that I use to understand God’s direction is to not do anything to force the outcome. I do the footwork and leave the outcome to Him. If my direction is God’s will for my life, the going will be easy. If I am trying to force something to happen, I usually become stressed out. Today I’ll set aside several times just to ‘check-in’, then I’ll let go and let God.” P.S. Letting go isn’t a one-time thing, it’s something you have to do everyday, over and over again. XO

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