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“The Word”

“Sometimes we’re out of ideas. We think and think but nothing comes. We don’t know what’s next. It feels like we’re at a dead end. But we’re not. Sometimes we just have to run out of our ideas before we can open to any new ones. Or become willing. And the reason we can’t see any further is because our ideas are limited by our past experiences. Our future doesn’t have to be limited by our past. Yes, sometimes experiences lead us out of the present moment. We aren’t off-track. We’re right where we need to be: just a little off-center and out of the present moment. But if we stay present for ourselves, we’ll always come back. Changed. Lighter. Healed. Be patient. Be gentle. Nurture the seeds that you have planted and nurture yourself in the process. Let yourself learn to hear the gentle and trustworthy spirit of the universe. There’s always magic in the unknown, no matter how messy the present might seem.” XO

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