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“The Word”

“We are meant to explore and develop our emotions. In the process of doing this, we develop ourselves to our fullest potential. We challenge our fears, we move forward with creative expression and we grow. The challenges that each of us are confronted with during our periods of suffering is whether to allow pain to remain at the ego level or whether we can transform our ego pain into a process that strengthens our souls. To attain true inner freedom, we must be able to objectively watch our problems instead of being lost in them. No solution can possibly exist while we are lost in the energy of a problem. We can’t deal with a situation if we’re getting anxious, scared or angry about it. So the first problem we have to deal with is our own reaction. Not until we turn to face ourselves head on, confronting our emotions and fears one at a time, can we truly come to know what it means to be empowered and liberated at the same time.” XO

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