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“To awaken is to attune ourselves to God without struggling to impose our own will. The pain we’ve endured in the past was of our own making. We controlled situations until we managed to force the outcome we desired, only to realize it didn’t offer happiness nor the response we wanted. It was instead, a bitter ending to a struggle. When we want some-thing or someone to play by our rules, we can expect barriers. And when the barriers don’t give way with a gentle push, we should consider it a clue that we are off course. When we want what God wants for us, barriers will fall away. What God does want for us at every moment is growth and happiness. When we step away from our ego and develop a selfless posture toward life, we’ll find serenity in the midst of any turmoil. When we align with God’s will, is when we’ll find true peace, belonging and will continue to walk within the sunlight of the Spirit” XO

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