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“Investing in yourself isn’t just about reading a bunch of self help books, working out, eating better, and making sure your relationships are healthy. Investing in yourself means creating a better relationship with you, treating yourself with kindness and compassion. But most importantly, connecting with that part of you you’ve stuffed into a hope chest when life happened. When your parents divorced. When your heart was shattered. When you had to “grow the fuck up”. What part of you have you been ignoring because you’re busy building your empire? Because you believe that’s what a good partner looks like? Because you are afraid we won’t accept that part of you? You can not invest in yourself without blowing up all your shoulds, injected by society, advertising, parents, and old versions of you. But instead walking into that massive rubble and finding that part of you you’ve been ignoring for so long, dusting her off, and allowing her to speak. You attract by creating value in yourself and value starts with allowing yourself to be heard.”. XO

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