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“The Word”

“The magic happens when we stop fighting the inner voice of pain. When we stop trying to remove it by force, be-little it or numb it, but instead open up to the possibility of feeling, healing and revealing another side of it. We must travel towards it with our breath, our awareness and sensitivity, and open up to the possibility of recycling its power for creative, soul-filled, life-giving purpose. This pain-filled inner voice is an important part of you and the story of your life. It makes you unique, and it is a part of your deep inner self, which may have been shamed and outcast-ed. In order to heal, we must journey into the darkest depths of our being, to bring pain to the surface. Not to cut it out, but to give it a new & different life. This is how we save ourselves and recover into wholeness. This is how we lean in.” XO

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