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“If you have been working on letting go of the inner critic, it will step up the tempo to test you, it will seek out your Achilles heel and start pecking away at it…Our work is then to pay attention and consciously work on healing and releasing our fearful program-ING, however we tend to reject the inner critic and beat ourselves up further for having one. It’s deep work to honestly face and retrieve one’s soul from the baggage that we’ve acquired, ones beliefs and aspirations often flounder on the reality of ones humanity, this is why self acceptance is married to courage, humility, compassion and surrender, these are crucial qualities for the Spiritual warrior to constantly nurture in order to let go of attachments and realize the true “self.” In saying this the premise of this journey is to be gentle with yourself, there is no achievement nowhere to arrive at, this is a journey of the unraveling of the love that you are, trust and enjoy the process.” XO

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