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“It’s in our not knowing that our crazy thoughts and anxiety are born. Uncertainty is what sets us into a tailspin, a panic state that lowers our frequency. We drown in our not knowing. But it’s also in the unknown that our courage is tested. Know this as you step into your deep end. As you feel the floor disappear. And life forces you to start swimming. Because that’s courage, it’s not sitting in shallow water because it feels good. Practice courage today and be okay with not knowing, and instead focus on your swim; on everything you know how to do and who you’re learning to be. Because your life is not a swimming pool. It’s an ocean and the island is getting to a place where your story makes sense. And when you’re there, you’ll trust your story and be curious about the unfolding. So what’s one thing you can do today to practice courage? Because fear is simply a call to action. Jump in and test the waters.” XO

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