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“It took me a long time to realize that what was important and what was not in a relationship. The first rule is that you can’t expect someone else to THINK, FEEL, INTERPRET, ACT and REACT the way you do. Everyone has different needs and wants, what is important to one is not important to the other. It is not a lack of respect or caring it’s just human beings and life. It takes accepting each other for who and what we are, and that can change as we grow, sometimes on a daily bases. Most people concentrate on what they are not getting vs what they are getting. You have to take a step back and look at the whole and if you are being fair you will see that maybe the disagreement is not about what you both thought it was, it is something that they are embarrassed, prideful and even may not know why they feel what they are feeling, so they let the ego get the best of them and act in such a way that it has nothing to do with what they really feel or what is really going on. It’s all about communication. and learning each other as we grow and change. ACCEPTANCE and FORGIVENESS is the most important thing that you can always remember in any type of relationship. SO Pick your battles wisely, is it really worth the drama or is there another way, a loving way to get what you both want.” XO

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