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“I am seeing things come full circle in my life, reminding me of the web of connections that’s unfolding with every step I take and I’m seeing clearly that there are no mistakes in any of it. I know now that regret isn’t an indication of a mistake but it’s learning and growth taking place from a specific choice that was necessary for that learning to happen, and part of that learning is to rise above that specific behavior. I’m not meant to get stuck in regret, but to learn the lesson, make any necessary amends and appreciate the opportunity to grow and move on. I have stumbled and fallen. I have beaten myself up. I have gotten lost in my crazy thoughts and fear. I have done or said things and then felt remorse. I know that I am not alone, we are all in this experience together. We all come into this world with our own individual map and our own role to play. And at the end of the day we realize that love is what we were searching for all along. To nit pick on the details along the way is to miss the grand design that’s taking place. In each moment I am being reminded to trust my life as it’s unfolding and to accept with grace the perfection of my imperfect self.” XO

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