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“Flow like water. Remember what you resist persists. We waste energy and hurt ourselves when we fight against anything, and this approach to life breeds stress and ill health. Flow with, flow through, flow over or flow around the seeming obstacles before you. If after great effort something refuses to shift there’s no point in trying to force it for there is wisdom in our own unique course. It is crucial to trust this wisdom in order to “BE” peace. Everything that we encounter is important, every experience is creating a flow, creating a direction with the next experience and the choices made. The intention of this flow is to enable us to release our false self and realize the truth of our being which is the essence of love, wholeness and connection to all that is. Water is one of our greatest teachers. It is constantly showing us that to let go and flow, accepting and making the most of what is. It is the most powerful and effective approach to maintaining peace.” XO

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