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“The Word”

“The universe is always finding new ways to teach me to let go. It is a recurring lesson which has always shown up. The lessons always present themselves as experiences which allow me (if I let them) to move past my ‘self’ and delve into opportunities that otherwise would have slipped by unnoticed. I am persistently encouraged to let go of fear, old wounds, expectations (for myself and others), of a set path, of ideas of what consists of ‘normal’, of old beliefs, of things and people which don’t serve my highest good, of my need for approval, of my shadow parts, of my false stories, of self doubt and of others opinions. Everyone I encounter appears to be a guru in disguise who, in some way, helps me to follow this path of self discovery, to allow myself to be the best version of me I can be, to let go of it, all of it… And to follow my heart and its quiet truth. I am grateful for all these lessons, however painful many of them have been. Without them I wouldn’t be here today, standing with both feet firmly on the ground at the edge of the world, with grace, and a full heart while learning how to let it all go.” XO

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