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“The Word

“Dear God…I no longer need to learn my lessons through pain, suffering and disease. I want only to see and understand all of life and all of its experiences through a higher understanding, through love and through the realization that the greatest gift the soul receives is an experience to return to love…..Prayers are heard and answered and things begin to show up all around you to communicate with you and teach you what you are asking to know. I have learned to change my language and be very careful what I am communicating to the Universe. When I say “How much more can I take?”…I am shown just how much. But when I say…”What is this situation trying to teach me or how can I see the love in this situation?” I will have a completely different outcome to the situation. This is a Life School we are in. We are here to learn who we are and why we are here. To be in service to humanity, to love ourselves and one another.” XO

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