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“The Word”

“Be humble. Be available to sit with all that arrives. Don’t let it paralyze you. You are meant to always show up for your life. You get to choose how you react. Reactions and emotions are invaluable experiences that force us to move into compassion without judgment. On emotional days, be gentle with yourself. Don’t discard the emotions. Don’t try to process them all at once. Just be. Don’t judge or criticize your future by the experiences you are having today, especially if it’s out of fear. Don’t carry them alone because of how others may see you. They aren’t walking your path. In fact you may be teaching them an experience that they just might need for their own evolution. May you always be led by faith, guided with grace, for things always have a way of working out. It requires you to shift your perspective. And in that process you will see things in a different, even more beautiful light.”

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