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“The Word”

“There are days where it all feels too much and you might be tempted to shut down and want to shield yourself from the world. It’s okay to take a little break, find a little comfort in the familiar and just veg out for a bit. If you stay in the numb zone for too long though, you will soon feel the pull, the “divine discomfort” that comes from knowing that you were made for greater things. Know that you are not alone. You walk alongside a band of spiritual warriors who also feel the immensity of what we are doing and what lies ahead. The world does not need you to take it all on your own shoulders. Focus on your piece and watch how you magnetize the perfect compliments whose pieces fit perfectly with yours. Take time each day to tune in to the bigger picture. See how even the most perceptively bad/evil things that are happening on the planet, are all happening for the greater good and the greater awakening of our collective consciousness. It’s time. We can do this together. I’m so grateful to be on this journey with you!”

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